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Melton Foot Clinic

Welcome to Melton Foot Clinic. Podiatry services for the complete range of foot health problems. We can advise you how best to look after and care for your feet. Our aim is to keep you active, pain free and mobile. We have a range of podiatry and chiropody services which we have provided to over 2000 happy clients. We are fully insured members of the College of Podiatrists and registered members of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Trust us with your foot health requirements.

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Podiatry, the management of diseases and disorders of the lower limb

Treatments for common foot conditions

  • Initial Consultation

    Follow-up routine appoinments £40.

  • Routine Treatment

    Appropriate for most concerns whether you require advice or require nail care, corns and callus reduction, cracked heel treatment etc. Approximately 30 minutes duration although an initial consultation may take a little longer. You will be asked to provide details of medications you take for the purposes of our records and to help to determine an appropriate treatment plan.

  • Verruca Treatment
    From £50

    Our treatments can provide effective resolution to these irritating, painful and sometimes embarrassing problems. An essential consultation is carried out to ensure correct diagnosis & selection of the most appropriate treatment regime. Currently two types of Verrucae treatments are available, but ask to be put on our email list and informed when our new state-of-the-art microwave treatment becomes available.

  • Biomechanical Assessment

    Foot, knee, hip and leg pain may be caused through poor alignment of the lower limb. A biomechanical assessment involves looking at the mechanical functioning of the lower limb, including gait analysis, to determine the cause of pain and devise an appropriate treatment plan. This type of appointment usually takes 40 minutes and requires that you wear clothing that allows us to see your knees whilst you walk.

  • Orthotics
    From £25

    These devices fit into the shoes and improve alignment of the leg and foot leaving feet and other joints more comfortable. We sell a range of orthotics from simple insoles to more robust over-the-counter devices, including completely bespoke units. Following a consultation we can prescribe the most appropriate orthotic for you.

  • Nail Surgery Packages
    From £275

    This simple procedure is conducted under local anaesthesia involving permanent removal of all or part of a nail for an effective solution to problem ingrowing, mishapen or fungal nails. Two follow-up redressing appointments and dressings are included.