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Verruca Treatment

Breakthrough verruca treatment - microwave therapy for skin

Microwave verruca treatment

The use of microwave energy is what makes our new verruca treatment so quick. We apply a precise, highly controlled energy dose to a pre-determined depth into the skin so as to not break the surface of the skin or destroy tissue from the point of application. As soon as the treatment begins, microwaves are working within that defined field - and no deeper. Water molecules within the tissue begin colliding and creating localised heat energy - quickly treating all infected tissue within that area.

  • No anaesthetic required - you can return to normal daily activity as soon as you walk out of the door.
  • Dressings are not usually required as microwaves do not break the surface of the skin. The requirement for post-procedural padding or dressings is greatly reduced.

This new treatment is available now. Call for more information and to make a booking, 01664 668256.