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Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapist at Melton Foot Clinic

Sports Massage Therapist at Melton Foot Clinic

Melton Foot Clinic can now deliver a full range of sports massage therapy. Therapist Jo Anderson recently joined Melton Foot Clinic to provide experience in beneficial sports massage be it for physical training or recovering from injury. Jo knows how important correct massage therapy is at whatever level sport you enjoy: general exercise, local club level or in competition. Sport and exercise at any age has fantastic physical and mental benefits plus can create great friendships. Sports massage can help with niggles, aches and pains that would stop you enjoying, or even participating in the activities that you love.

Jo has been involved in sport locally for many years, as a football player and coach, and now also at Melton Tennis Club. Jo plays 5 a side football, participates in the occasional running competition and plays tennis 2 or 3 times a week, as well as circuit training and walking.

To find out more and to book a session or course of sessions for you or your club, please contact:

Jo Anderson
Sports Massage Therapist
07753 607900
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