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Sasha Archer Massage Therapist

Why do I need a massage?

How we stand, sit, walk, run and take part in our daily routine puts a strain and a general wear and tear on our bodies. It is therefore vital to take care of muscles to keep them in good working order and so maintain your chosen lifestyle. Muscles, together with our bones, hold the key for body posture, movement and support. When a car is low on fuel or oil or needs a service, you top-up the fluids or book it in to a garage to keep it in good working order.

Why is it then, we tend to wait and ignore the warning signs of muscle aches and pains, hoping they go away?

A regular massage helps to keep muscles in good shape and performing the way they should. A prolonged incorrect posture or walking/running style will put a strain on muscles and eventually lead to damage. Massage will help avoid and prevent injury by re-aligning and correcting postural habits, keeping muscles healthy.

How will massage help?

Massage will firstly warm up the muscles to increase blood flow, which in turn boosts nutrient and oxygen levels. Once the muscles are warm and relaxed, work can then begin on treating the muscles to help re-instate proper function. Muscles have a memory, and can be stubborn in their recovery – they will gladly return to an incorrect state if they are used to it. Massage can overcome this, and return muscles to their correct positions, meaning they will perform far more effectively than before treatment. Easy exercises will also help speed up muscle recovery in between massages, and will help to confront stubborn muscles that want to resume their bad postural habits.

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